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Capoeira videos of proffesional level players only, filmed in Brazil and the UK. When I get the opportunity to go, I scour Brazil for the finest capoeiristas I can lay my camera on. Once back home I get down to the editing samplers and showreels below. Often the people I film live in poor dangerous shanty towns (favelas) with little or no income, other times they live in comfort teaching capoeira for a living. This is your chance to see the cream of capoeira from the comfort of your PC, enjoy! Click on the pictures to watch the clips.

Tico | 2015 Capoeira Inspiration.

Watch Tico#s acrobatic capoeira clip

Tico moves like nobody else. You'll see moves and combinations you've never seen before performed with grace, elegance and superhuman speed!

Armada Dupla Tutorial | Narcelio.

double-leg tutorial with Tico
Narcelio and Cientista take you step-by-step though armada dupla in an in-depth tutorial. A very cool move, known in tricking as double leg.

Narcelio, CDO. 2006 Capoeira Showreel.

Watch Narcelio's Capoeira Showreel
Watch Narcelios full length capoeira showreel and see exactly what it means to be a capoeirista at this level.

Mestre Espirro Mirim, CDO. 2006 Showreel.

Watch: Mestre Espirro's Capoeira Video

Mestre Espirro Mirim in his very own capoeira showreel. Never before has there been a showreel of a Mestre of this level available freely for download.

Banzay, Cordao de Ouro, Ceara

I met Banzay at Capoeirando 2004 in Ilheus. Another Cordao de Ouro student from Ceara, he is an adept of the intricate acrobatics of Mestre Suassunnas Miudinho game.

Acrobacias: Students of Mestre Espirro. CDO, Ceara

Some high-end acrobatic capoeira action from the end of great roda in on of Fortaleza's big Favelas.

Queque, Capoeira Engenho da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil

I chanced across Queque on my search for a capoeirista who could do a double back somersault. In the minutes that I realized I had stumbled across a phenonomal acrobat.

Keep checking back! More capoeira videos coming ALL the time.


Capoeira's lost history through this
Ladja Video
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