The science of the art of capoeira

NEW for 2015!! Capoeira inspiration from Tico

Watch the master of capopeira flips do his thing

Tico in an acrobatic capoeira video

Tico is incredibly talented and dedicated to this art. He's been doing capoeira since a very young age and that's why this video will rock your eyeballs and make you want to TRAIN. Watch this capoeira video now

Welcome to Capoeira Science

Capoeira videos of top-level capoeiristas only
At well over 12 million views on YouTube you won't find capoeira videos quite like this anywhere else

Capoeira Science has been bringing you the most exciting capoeira videos on the Internet since 2003. I now host all my content on YouTube and embed it here. If you like what you see please leave a comment, share the clip and give us a like. I look forward to updating from time to time but meanwhile enjoy the raw genius of the expert Brazilian capoeiristas I have tracked down, you won't see clips quite like these anywhere else!
  • Filmed on location in Brazil with the absolute specilaists in movement
  • Edited on a Quad Core Mac Pro
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About Capoeira Science

I have been playing capoeira since 1997. I have lived and continue to travel extensively in Brazil where I seek out the finest and most renowned capoeiristas to film. On this site you will find the best and most original Capoeira Videos, a section on Capoeira Moves and an overview of Capoeira History.


Do not attempt to imitate any of the performers or ideas contained within this site or elsewhere unless under professional supervision and authorisation from your doctor. Neither I nor any of my associates accept liability for any damage done to yourself, others or property as a result of your ignoring this disclaimer.


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Capoeira's lost history through this
Ladja Video
from Martinique

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