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Here is some 2015 capoeira inspiration for you all! Having been involved in capoeira for some 17 years now I have immersed myself in the varying philosophies, the controversial histories, struggled with the tactics and lost all sensation in my left little finger for weeks at a time trying to master the music. When all is said and done though, the reason I got into capoeira in the first place was for the sweet, sweet moves.

There is no mover sweeter than Tico that I know of right now. I love aerial stuff and he pumps it out any place any time, in tiny spaces, including rodas when people are trying to knock his jaw off. He's putting together combos and inventing variations that nobody else has seen and only a few can emulate. What can I say? Acrobatics turn me on, they make the blood fizz in my veins and they make me want to go out NOW today, and get stronger, more flexible and more able, so that I can get more goes on that crazy flying feeling myself.

Tico hails from Fortaleza in the north of Brazil and is a life-time member of group Cordao de Ouro. As well as a fantastic acrobat he's a solid capoeirista of considerable years experience with all the fundamentals in place. He teaches capoeira all over the world, he may currently be in Russia, I'm not sure. I have worked with him in the past on a number of video projects but this one I did not film. I found it, loved it and decided to feature it on the homepage. Well done to the creator, great music and no-nonsense editing.

Enjoy and leave a comment or a like and share with like-minded addicts so we can spread the inspiration!


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